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Upcoming Workshops


Small Business Legalese

In this workshop, we will explore the many legal aspects of owning a business. Topics include naming your business, licenses, registration,...


Know Your Customer

Is there a demand for your business? What is your target audience? We will explore market segmentation and develop a marketing plan that...


Where's the Money?

You have a great business concept; now it is time to find the financial support you need to get started. Do you need a conventional loan, a...


The Perfect Pitch

Present a dynamite one- to five-minute pitch and attract the “ask” that you want. Develop your value proposition and elevator pitch and learn the...


Tools & Templates

Tools & Templates

Ohio Secretary of State

Updated: 4/25/2017

Concept 2 Business, Business Basics, Legal

Your business begins here. Everything from filing forms and fees to starting...

Tools & Templates

Bust A Name

Updated: 4/25/2017

Concept 2 Business, Business Basics, Marketing

BustAName is a tool to help find domain names. Watch the Video Tutorial to...

Tools & Templates

Business Planning & Financial Statements Template Gallery

Updated: 1/31/2017

Concept 2 Business, Business Basics, Finance

These tools can be your first step towards small business success. Find...

Tools & Templates

Income Statement Quarterly

Updated: 12/29/2016


Easy-to-use income statement template broken down by quarters. Access worksheet.

Tools & Templates

Startup Cost Budget Worksheet

Updated: 12/29/2016


Use this startup cost budget worksheet to estimate the amount of money needed...

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